Health Share Plan Options
imageIs the Affordable Care Act hurting or helping you?  In many cases, ACA will actually make your financial problems worse due to extremely high premiums, high deductibles and even higher out of pocket costs.. These increases are due to insurance plans mandated by the government to provide benefits for services you may never need.  Health Share Plan is a revoluntionary physician direct primary care option designed to control the runaway costs of preventative, acute and emergency medical services that you do need. Whether you want to control the out of pocket costs of your new exchange plan or you are foregoing insurance due to cost, Health Share Plan Comprehensive is here to bridge the gap.

Health Share Plan for You
image The Affordable Care Act has brought significant change to the world of health insurance. Millions of folks just like you are having insurance plans canceled with no other option than to pick a new plan. If your income is low enough, you may qualify for a premium tax credit and/or out of pocket subsidy. However, if you are like the majority of Americans, your income falls between qualifying for financial assistance and not being able to afford the increased premiums and deductibles. Health Share Plan Basic and Comprehensive are two options that can be combined with your qualified plan to help you manage the increased out of pocket expenses or you can choose to pay the annual tax penalty and save a great deal by utilizing Health Share Plan for your health care needs. Either way, Health Share Plan will be here to help when you need us.

Health Share Plan for Business
imageMany businesses are struggling with the question of how they are going to comply with the Affordable Care Act mandate to provide qualified health plans to their employees or risk paying a steep penalty. A number of these businesses feel they have no other option than to force employees out on the exchange and just pay the per employee penalty. However, there is another option! An option that can save your business thousands of dollars a year and still provide tremendous health care benefits to your employees. Businesses that choose the ACA compatable "self-insurance" can combine Health Share Plan as a physician direct primary care provider, with a high deductible plan as a wrap around that offers benefits uniquly designed by you for your business. The business wins by meeting the ACA mandates, offering exceptional health care benefits to employees and saving up to 60% over fully insured premiums. E-mail us for more information!.

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